Welcome to Adobe Reader

Welcome to Adobe Reader! Software for PDF files

The Adobe Reader, which is formerly called the Acrobat Reader, allows to view, search,
digitally sign, verify, print as well as collaborate on Portable Document Format (PDF) files
documents, online or offline. This is practically downloadable for free from Adobe’s
website (www.adobe.com). From the time it was released in the year 1993, it was said
the Adobe has recorded more than 500 million copies downloaded for users wanting to
have the software. The Adobe PDF allows users to take advantage of an easy to read
format and fine detail of images.

Reader is largely used as a means of presenting
information with a preset layout like those of a paper publication. It lets users many options
ranging from the zoom feature, copy/paste of text or images, and loads more. The Reader
also makes it possible to produce printable forms for the reason that Acrobat has some
fonts a typical computer may not have. For many years in the industry, Adobe has released
a number of versions for the Reader, from the Acrobat Reader 1.0 to the present Adobe
Reader 8.0. All of which is a step closer to better features and services for all users wanting
to enjoy the quality technology that Adobe can provide. The newest release, Adobe
Reader 8, enables users to securely take advantage of the services of the software and can
also verify the authenticity of Adobe PDF files. With a lot of features like the new Start
Meeting conference button, and the simpler streamlined interface with customizable
toolbars to name a few. Knowing the fact that the Reader is downloadable for free and is
a standalone application, it is definitely understandable that Adobe owns one of the most
widely used softwares in the world.

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